For Developers

For familiarization with the project, it is recommended browsing the ‘in depth‘ sections, especially the architecture and workflow. Whilst a phased approach is standard in most static site generators, the tasks here are quite different; rather than instantiating content templates, much of the effort here is about post-processing and adding a relatively small number of additional components.

The GNU AGPL license has been chosen for MakeStaticSite to help encourage its free use, re-use and modification. The code (since version 0.22.2) has been placed under Git version control and is available on GitHub:

It is currently just a prototype with many possibilities for further development. Even so, it already serves my needs as creator. Whilst I would be happy to see its continued development, without investment, I am unlikely to have much more time to devote to as I turn my attention to other projects.

So, if anyone is interested in getting involved, particularly with a view of overseeing the project at some point in the future, then please get in touch.


This page was published on 1 November 2022 and last updated on 6 December 2023.