MakeStaticSite provides a convenient means to set up and manage the automatic creation and deployment of static versions of websites. Such sites include content management systems (such as WordPress and Drupal) that can, for example, be administered locally and then deployed remotely to some other hosting provider. Whilst it can be used for archival purposes, strictly speaking, the output is not an exact mirror, but a version of the site that preserves content whilst aiming to remain current. For example, RSS feeds are saved and then renamed with .xml file name extensions, and further files may be added.

The goal is for anyone who has a little familiarity with the command line, to be able to use the tool to assist in maintaining their sites. Similarly, a scripting-based approach has been chosen to make this tool widely accessible for developers to further fine-tune; a number of refinements are already included that augment the functionality of Wget, such as support for arbitrary attributes and, in the case of WordPress, the use of WP-CLI to prepare sites beforehand.

MakeStaticSite was created by Paul Trafford and is available under the AGPL version 3 license, as described in the file, COPYING.

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This page was published on 30 October 2022 and last updated on 5 May 2023.