Download and Installation

Having determined that your machine satisfies the requirements, you can download the source distribution either as a zip file or as a GNU-zipped tar file: (SHA256 checksum) (SHA256 checksum)

Once downloaded, from the command line run extract it:



tar -xzvf makestaticsite_latest.tar.gz

This will create a makestaticsite directory containing the scripts. Enter it and then make the scripts executable:

cd makestaticsite
chmod u+x *.sh


On extracting the archive, you should see the following layout:

├── config/                 # site configuration files
├── lib/                    # library files
├──       # main script
├──                # setup script
├── version_history.txt     # summary of changes for each version
├── LICENSE                 # to be included ...

(Running the script will generate further folders, log/, mirror/ and tmp/.)

That’s all there is to the installation of the software. For documentation, you can download a copy of this website.

Next, proceed to the setup script.

This page was published on 30 October 2022 and last updated on 4 July 2023.