Current Status

The latest commits are available from the MakeStaticSite repository on GitHub, It was added to the’s list of static site generators (under language: Bash) in June 2023.

It is prototype software — so far, it has been developed by one person, with a limited amount of testing, mainly on macOS and Debian/Ubuntu Linux. Hence it is at version 0.x. Even so, it offers quite a lot of functionality that covers general web publishing needs, including provisional support for websites that require login. It has been successfully used in recent months to convert several WordPress sites, including this one.

The current version (0.29) includes a little refactoring of code and has extended the postprocessing of output from the initial run of Wget (phase 2). It includes support for scheme relative URLs, CORS, and assets with long filenames. This release lays some foundations to further extend MakeStaticSite’s ability to more thoroughly crawl and create offline replicates of more modern websites.

Details of releases and long-term intentions for further work are given on separate pages.

This page was published on 11 November 2022 and last updated on 29 February 2024.